TMP-M8 Series 1 GHz Hardline Digital Multitaps
TMP-M8 Series 1 GHz Hardline Digital Multitaps
5MHz to 1GHz Bandwidth performance. Interchangeable faceplates provide "on-the-fly" redesign for maximum time savings and reduced costs. Continuous RF signal and power pass-thru during tap-plate removal ensures uninterrupted system services. Bi-directional power rating to 15amps @ 30, 60 and 90Vac provide compatibility with most systems. F-ports triple sealed to 15psi and neoprene tap plate seal provide watertight operation in harsh conditions. Housing top stainless steel mounting hardware for easy installation. Tap output ports employ capacitor coupling for effective DC voltage blocking for improved hum modulation and intermodulation performance. Performance tests conducted conforming with SCTE standards IPS TP-201, 202 and 203.
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