Amplified 4-Way Splitter Kit
Amplified 4-Way Splitter Kit
This amplified splitter is optimized for use with all satellite radio systems. It includes the adapters and accessories to permit operation of multiple satellite radios from a single antenna. In order to maintain the proper RF link budget for the radio, the splitter loss at 2.35 GHz has been compensated by an internal amplifier. This amplifier is powered by the DC voltage that is supplied by any of the radios connected to its output. The splitter will pass the DC voltage supplied by a radio at any output port to the splitter input port. This will provide power to any antenna connected to this port for the antenna’s internal low-noise amplifier (LNA). Standard RG-6 cable with male F-connectors (not included) can be used to extend the output cable lengths. The splitter has 8 dB of excess gain to permit output extensions of up to 70 feet. This splitter has been designed with an output impedance that replicates that of a satellite radio antenna so the radio will operate in its normal mode without the need for external impedance terminating devices. Unused output ports do not have to be terminated for proper operation.
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